To All Doctors, Lawyers, Business Owners: Stop Chasing. Start Winning Your SEO Race.

To beat the competition in the digital world, you need outstanding search engine optimisation (SEO). Whatever your line of business, there’s a race to be the best on Google and Bing happening right now. Taking part isn’t enough; we can help you win.

Whether you are looking for a new website, purpose-built for powerful SEO results, or you want to improve the effectiveness of your current site, EUREKA Konzepte can give you that critical edge.

‘On-Page’ and ‘Off-Page’ Optimisation

Unlike many agencies, we will deliver the tailor-made individual ‘on-page’ technology you need, which means comprehensively building the entire structure and content of your website to optimise SEO results. We won’t just add flashy ‘bells and whistles’ that look good at first but don’t deliver meaningful long-term value for the ranking algorithms of search engines. We won’t just clone another website, adapted to your specifications. We’ll give you the custom-made code your business deserves.

And we’ll also deliver productive ‘off-page’ SEO tactics that connect you to the wider world of the internet, from helping you build backlinks from other websites to scalable social media activities, drawing lucrative clients to your online front door.

Understanding You and Knowing Your Customers

Powerful SEO begins with knowledge of your business. What’s your unique selling point? Who are your target customers? We’ll research their expectations to make sure your site delivers a rewarding user experience, which leads to the great analytics data search engines like Google love. It’s also a process that improves your bottom line, driving your online shop conversion rates to new heights.

For example, one key customer expectation and ranking criterion alike, without doubt, is a mobile-friendly website – that’s just as true in the B2C world as in B2B. Most human-driven internet traffic takes place on mobile devices today. People don’t wait to get home to do online shopping or get back to the office to carry out business – they want to do everything instantly, on their tablets and smartphones, from anywhere. Our websites come with responsive designs to meet that demand.

The faster you run in the SEO race, the higher you’ll jump in the search engine rankings.