A Digital Vision to Grow Your Business

A digital perspective strengthens any business case. A powerful online presence and virtual sales channels are among today’s most cost-effective revenue drivers for entrepreneurs and small business owners. From first ideas and concepts to final execution, EUREKA Konzepte will help you discover and exploit the commercial opportunities made possible by the internet and digitalisation. With our services, technology and partnership, you can show your company to the world.

From consulting advice on developing a digital strategy to building an outstanding website, and from search engine optimisation (SEO) to eCommerce online shop solutions, we can use the power of digital transformation to advance your brand and business, on- and offline. We’ll help you develop marketing campaigns that generate valuable leads, which will then convert through your digital sales channels as those leads become your loyal customers. If you’re strong online, you’ll be strong offline, too. As you acquire more customers through the web, your established real-world operations will expand significantly as well to meet that increased demand and influx of customers.



We may be the right partner for your digital endeavours, too. EUREKA Konzepte is a young agency bursting with exciting ideas, building interdisciplinary bridges between creativity, technology and commerce. We proud ourselves of a proven track record in digital sales and marketing. Our hearts beat in Hamburg, Germany, but we provide our services across English-speaking countries, too. Whether you’re a doctor, lawyer, accountant or any kind of professional lone warrior, or run a company with several hundred employees, we understand the challenges of the small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) around the globe. We know what your business needs and – more importantly – we know what you don’t need, too.

So sometimes, we’ll think big, like when connecting your website with the key social media platforms for your industry, ensuring your messages have the widest possible reach among relevant target groups. And at other times, we’ll literally think small whenever there is the need to – like when optimising your website’s responsive design for the screens of mobile devices.

We’ll liaise closely with you to find the unique approach (and budget!) that works best for you, from building a digital brand presence and eCommerce sales channel to globally marketing your established services and products online. Call us today to start on your digital journey.