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General Information on Data Privacy Protection

Responsible Authority

We are happy that you are visiting our company profile page, also referred to as fan page. First of all, we want to introduce ourselves in this legal notice as the responsible authority, together with the social media platform(s) mentioned below, within the meaning of data protection law, and to inform you about the processing of your personal data. In line with our statutory obligations, we want to inform you about the collection and processing of your personal data.


Based on its legitimate interest in a technologically perfect online offering and its design and optimisation in an economically efficient manner pursuant to Art. 6 para. 1 (f) GDPR, the social media platform uses cookies, so that its offer can be used better, more effectively and more securely. Cookies are text files, which are stored on your computer and which save certain data about your user behaviour in your browser, so that, for example, an offer can be made to you based on your previous usage. These can be so-called “session cookies”, which will be automatically deleted at the end of your visit to the social media platform. But there are also cookies that will be stored on your computer permanently, unless you delete them. This allows the social media platform to recognise your browser the next time you access the website and to present offers which will correspond to your previous use of this website.

Your browser allows you to disable cookies in general or in specific cases. Please refer to the user manual of your browser for further details. Blocking cookies may limit the functionality of our and other websites that you visit.

You can permanently prevent the storage of cookies in your browser by downloading and installing the plugin linked to hereinafter. You find further information here.

You can also prevent the use of cookies by third-party providers by declaring your opt-out on the deactivation page of the Network Advertising Initiative, following the instructions there. You find more information here. A similar offer can be found on this US-based website.

The social media platform may be registered outside of the EU. This means that it is possible that your data will be stored and processed outside of the EU, in particular through cookies, active Java Scripts and other technologies. However, we only have fan pages with providers from third countries, for which the EU Commission has determined a similar level of data protection as within the EU or for which you have provided your informed consent or for which we have agreed on a standard contract with the provider in order to protect your data.

User Rights

According to the ECJ ruling dated 5 June 2018, we are always jointly responsible for our social media fan page(s) together with the respective social media platform. This means that you may also exercise your general rights, as subsequently described, against us. To that purpose, we refer you to our contact details at the beginning of this Data Privacy Policy page. Please keep in mind, though, that we have no conclusive knowledge of the exact scope of the processing of your data by the social media platform and have even less influence over it. Therefore, we kindly ask you to contact the relevant social media platform in the first place regarding your rights.


You may at any time and without any cost demand information about the personal data stored about you from us and from the social media platform. To avoid misuse, it will be necessary that you identify yourself.

Deletion, Correction, Limitation

You may at any time request from us and from the social media platform correction (also by adding further information) of incorrect data as well as limitation of its processing or even deletion of your data. This applies in particular if the purpose for processing has expired, if a required consent has been withdrawn and if there is no other legal basis or if our data processing is illegal. We will then correct, block or even delete your personal data without delay and within the statutory framework.


At any time, you have the right to withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data which you previously granted to us or to the social media platform. This notice may be sent without any formal requirement, for example through our contact form, an email to the addresses mentioned in the “Imprint” or “Contact” sections or by clicking on the unsubscribe link (if provided by us or the social media platform). Your withdrawal has no effect on the legality of the data processing carried out up to that point.

Transfer of Data

You may request the transfer of all data stored about you from us or from the social media platform in a machine-readable format.


If you feel that the data processing by the social media platform or by us infringes any of your rights, you may contact the competent regulatory body ((here you find a list of the relevant German authorities, where we are registered)) and file a complaint.

Storage Period

We generally leave your data on the social media platform and do not import it onto our server. But if that should occur, your data will generally only remain stored with us for as long as is required by the purpose of the respective data processing. A longer storage period is possible if it is still necessary for us to enforce our rights or for other legitimate interests or if we are bound by law to keep your data longer (for example, according to tax law requirements, it may be necessary to keep documents for a time frame between 6 and 10 years).

Further information about the processing of your data and the storage period on the social media platform can be found in the respective privacy policy of the social media platform, which we have listed hereinafter.

General Information About Any Social Media Fan Page

We use fan page(s) on social media platforms. Following the ECJ ruling dated 5 June 2018 on social media presences, we want to inform you about the data processing during your visit to our social media fan page(s):

On the basis of our legitimate interest in a timely customer communication pursuant to Art. 6 para. 1 (f) GDPR as well as for advertising and public relations purposes, we present ourselves and our offers on social media fan page(s).

Our social media fan page(s) usually can be accessed online independently of you having a user account with the relevant platform or not. But in either case, your data will be processed by the social media platform.

Each time the social media platform is accessed, your IP address will be collected and stored. Usually, a cookie will also be placed on your browser, which will record your visit and further data about your visit to the social media platform.

If you are logged in with the social media platform, your visit will also be spotted by a cookie or through other technological means and will be attributed to your user account. Thus, the social media platform is usually able to analyse your user behaviour. In this process, a user profile with your interests is generated, which the social media platform will use to provide you with a user experience tailored to your interests, in particular advertisement tailored to your interests within and outside of the social media platform – even across different devices, if applicable. Your data might also be used for market research. For further details, we refer you to the following privacy policies of the social media platform(s) used by us.

We can usually also use the data of the social media platform in order to allow you to use our fan page in accordance with your interests or to approach you with advertising.

When you interact with our fan page and if you are logged in with the relevant social media platform, according to the social media platform’s terms of use, we can usually also recognise your user profile and see your content.

If you do not want this, we point you to our explanations about cookies above, with general information about cookies and instructions on their deactivation. There, we have laid out in general terms how you can prevent or limit cookies being stored on your devices. Please also see the following information about the relevant fan page(s).


We have a presence on the social media platform LinkedIn.

Jointly Responsible

LinkedIn Ireland Limited Company
Wilton Place
Dublin 2


If you open our profile on LinkedIn, your data may be forwarded to the United States of America.

We have neither knowledge of, nor any influence over the possible collection and processing of your data by LinkedIn. Further information can be found in LinkedIn’s privacy policy at

LinkedIn also provides us with statistics. These are created without our participation and are subsequently provided to us. The data will include interactions, for example, as well as statistical insights.

When you are logged in, you can influence the processing of your data by LinkedIn considerably and in different ways.

For your privacy settings with LinkedIn, LinkedIn refers you to several options which you can read about in their privacy policy.

The LinkedIn advertising cookie can be turned off here (opt-out):